Don't miss special credit union session with james on monday afternoon.

James Marshall

James is the Manager of The Cooperative Trust at Filene Research Institute. The Cooperative Trust is a community of young people who work in credit unions and cooperatives founded by Filene, with over 1100 members worldwide. He focuses on bringing sustainability and longevity of the Trust as well as increasing its profile as it moves into the next stages of development.

James' other area of focus at Filene is young adult research. Looking at the challenges that face credit unions when it comes to young adults as members, volunteers and employees. 

Before joining Filene and the Trust, James was the head of marketing at Plane Saver Credit Union in London, one of the largest credit unions in the UK. Working on a variety of projects, in his 4 years at Plane Saver James helped grow membership by 25%, whilst completely rebranding the organisation and implementing a new strategic direction.